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Once upon a time lived a young girl named Cinderella. She was kind, smart, and beautiful. She had a happy life when she was very young. Bu tone day, her mother died and her father married a widow who had two daughters. Cinderella stepmother didn’t like her, and neither did her stepsisters. All her stepmother’s kind thoughts and loving touches were for her own daughters. Nothing was too good for them. They had dresses, shoes, delicious food, soft beds, and every home comfort. But, for the poor Cinderella, there was nothing at all. She had no nice dresses, only her stepsisters’...

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The Dogs and the Hides

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One day, several hungry dogs saw cowhides steeping in a river close by a tannery. The dogs thought that the cowhides might be eaten. Unfortunately, they were not able to reach the cowhides. The hungry dogs agreed to drink up the river so they could walk to the other side. But before they can drink up the river, they burst themselves. Pada suatu hari, beberapa ekor anjing yang kelaparan melihat beberapa lembar kulit sapi di seberang sungai, dekat dengan sebuah penyamakan kulit. Anjing-anjing yang lapar tadi berpikir bahwa kulit-kulit sapi tadi bisa mereka makan. Sayangnya, mereka tidak dapat...

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The Four Oxen and the Lion

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A Lion used to wander around a field in which Four Oxen used to dwell. He had tried to attack them many times. However, whenever he came near, they turned their tails to one another, so that whichever way he approached them, he was met by the sharp horns of one of them. One day, the Four Oxen were quarreling among themselves, and each of them went off to the pasture alone. They even went to separate corners of the field because they didn’t want to see each other. The Lion took the chance and attacked them one by one. Ada seekor Singa yang selalu mengintai di sekitar padang rumput dimana...

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The Hare and the Hound

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A Hound was chasing a Hare. But after a long run, he gave up the chase. A Goatherd, seeing the Hound stop, mocked him, saying: “The Hare is a better runner than you.” The Hound replied; “You do not see the difference between me and that Hare. I was only running for a dinner. But that Hare was running for his life.” Pada suatu hari, seekor Anjing mengejar seekor kelinci. Tapi, setelah mengejarnya cukup lama, si Anjing menyerah karena dia sudah kelelahan. Seorang pengembala kambing yang melihatnya mengejeknya. Dia berkata “Ternyata Kelinci itu larinya lebih hebat...

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The Hare and the Tortoise

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The Hare was once boasting of his speed before the other animals. “I have never yet been beaten when I put forth my full speed,” he said. Then, he challenged any one there to race with him. The Tortoise answered calmly, “I accept your challenge.” “That is a good joke,” said the Hare, laughing. “You are very slow. I could dance round you all the way,” he added. “Keep your boasting till you’ve beaten,” answered the Tortoise calmly. “Shall we race?” So a course was fixed and they started to race. The Hare darted almost out...

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The Lion and the Mouse

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One day a lion was awaken from his afternoon nap by a group of mice scurrying around him. Swat! The lion used his huge paw to hit one the mice. The mouse pleaded for mercy from the lion. The lion took compassion upon the tiny mouse and decided to release him. A few days later, somehow the lion became trapped in a hunter’s net. He couldn’t release himself, and his roars made the whole forest tremble. The little mouse whose life was spared approached the lion. Then, he used his sharp little teeth to gnaw the strong ropes until the lion was free. Pada suatu hari, seekor singa terbangun...

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